About Us

Our Philosophy

''First Measure - Then Protect''

The word ''Scales'' was selected from the first well-known phrase as it is synonymous with ''Justice'' and the legal system/profession. Then the word ''Shield'' was selected from the second well-known phrase as first thoroughly weighing and measuring all ''Pro et Contra'' of the case before commencing any legal action on your behalf.

Scales & Shield will act as a legal shield by providing representation that comes from a thorough understanding of legal procedure pertaining to our area of legal practice while always remaining in good standing.

Our Scope of Practice

Small Claims Court

Landlord & Tenant

Personal Injury

Trafic Offences

Scales & Shield is here to help you with legal questions

Small Claims Court / Landlord & Tenant / Personal Injury / Traffic Offences

Scales & Shield is here for you

Our Team

Elena Grigorieva


Education: College Paralegal Diploma, Bachelor's Degree in Law (Russia)
Practice: Small Claims Court, Landlord Tenant, Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule

Ronald Teixeira


Education: College Paralegal Diploma

Practice: Business Management, Office Administration